Easypay Patch 2.18.02 — July 1, 2018 Update

Release date: June 25, 2018

This update is only required for employers that have PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND employees.

It is OPTIONAL for all other provinces and territories.

This update includes the July 1, 2018 tax changes for:



If you have employees in PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND:

  1. WAIT until your last pay period of JUNE 2018 has been CLOSED/POSTED before installing this update.
  2. AFTER you install the update, run Utilities > TD1 Update once for each company that you have in Easypay. This will update the P.E.I. provincial TD1 amounts.

Download and installation instructions

  1. Close Easypay on your systems before installing this patch.
  2. Click this button to download the file ez21802.exe (6.3 MB):
  3. A window should pop up that gives you the option to Run, or Save, or Save File.

    If you see an option to Run, click that option and then follow the instructions on the Easypay Payroll installation window as they appear on your screen.


    If you only have the option to Save or Save File, click that option to download the file ez21802.exe to your computer and then do the following:

    1. Open the folder into which you downloaded the file ez21802.exe.
    2. Double click the file ez21802.exe.
    3. You should now see the Easypay Payroll installation window. Follow the instructions as they appear on your screen.

Patch 2.18.02 includes the following items:

  • July 1, 2018 provincial TD1 update for PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND.
    The P.E.I. TD1 amount is increasing by one thousand dollars on July 1, 2018.
  • Periodic > Reconciliation > Edit: Added ability to resize the height of the window. To resize the height, move the cursor to the top or bottom edge of the window until a double-headed arrow appears. Then click and drag it to make the window larger or smaller.
  • Periodic > Customizer > Import Timecards (Easypay interface): Added two new options for entering pay rates for regular pay, overtime #1 and overtime #2 (fields 11, 12, 13):
    1. Pay rate codes (letters A to J): corresponding rate in employee's profile will be used.
    2. Letter "Z": timecard rate will be set to zero.
    The other options, which continue to be supported, are to enter a pay rate as a numeric value, or to leave it blank (in which case the rate will default to rate A for regular pay, rate B for Overtime #1, and rate C for Overtime #2).
  • Bank of Montreal direct deposit file creation (1464 bytes): Added a new option for "Record Length" (80 bytes or 1464 bytes).
  • Reports > Statutory Holidays > B.C. Statutory Holidays: Modified this report so that a day is counted as a "day worked" only if there are amounts entered for that day that qualify as "wages earned". Previously, the report considered any day that had a timecard entry within the 30-day period before the holiday as a "day worked".
  • Edit > Employee > Profile: Fixed a bug that sometimes resulted in this message: "Do you want the T4/T4A/RL-1 records for this employee to be updated with the name/address change?". This message was sometimes displayed even though no changes were made to the name or address. This issue only affected employees with a province of residence of Quebec.
  • Creating a T4, T4A, RL-1 or ROE XML file: Fixed a rare issue that could result in the following message: "Problem converting the XML file to UTF-8 format..." This would occur if certain special characters were detected in the T4, T4A, RL-1 or ROE record.
  • Periodic > General Ledger > QuickBooks: Added new options for the export file date format: DD/MM/YY, DD/MM/YYYY, MM/DD/YY, and MM/DD/YYYY.
  • Periodic > General Ledger > JobBOSS: Added new options for the export file date format: DD/MM/YYYY and MM/DD/YYYY.
  • Yearly > T4/T4A Electronic Filing > Merge Files: Fixed a bug that could prevent the last page of the merge report from being printed.
  • Yearly > RL-1 Electronic Filing: Employee initials are no longer included in "Cancelled" RL-1 XML records, as per Revenu Quebec specifications.
  • Miscellaneous update to Statement of Earnings > 8.5" x 11" Detailed - French.
  • Miscellaneous updates to the Easystub feature.