An Important Patch is Available

January 15, 2019

A new patch is available that fixes an issue with the T4 Discrepancy report in the Yearly > T4 menu. In the previous 2.19.01 version, the report does not check for CPP underpayments.
The new patch 2.19.02 is available on the Downloads page.

January 2019 Update

December 14, 2018

  • January 2019 Update
    • The January 2019 Update was mailed out on December 12, 2018 to all registered customers.
  • British Columbia has introduced a new Employer Health Tax (EHT) for 2019
    • Please be sure to read the rules governing the new B.C. EHT in order to avoid having to pay late fees and penalties.
    • Depending on your circumstances, quarterly installments may be required in 2019.
    • Easypay's January 2019 update includes a new report in the Reports menu called B.C. EHT Remuneration. This report will calculate the B.C. Total Gross + Taxable Benefits for a specified range of pay periods or dates.
    • Link: B.C. EHT web page (then click the Explore Within link on that page)
  • Quebec has announced a new QHSF contribution rate for 2019
    • The default QHSF rate in Easypay is 4.26%, which is the highest rate and applies where the total annual payroll is greater than $6,000,000.
    • A different rate will apply to payrolls under $6,000,000.
    • Enter the rate that is applicable to your payroll in Easypay by selecting Edit > Company > Defaults tab. This will ensure the correct calculation of Quebec QHSF.
    • Link: Revenu Québec QHSF web page