Direct Deposit and Electronic Payment Solutions

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Easypay interfaces with the direct deposit services of all major banks, credit unions and Telpay.

Telpay provides a cost-effective solution for paying your employees by direct deposit.

In business since 1985, Telpay is Canada's largest independent processor of electronic payments. In addition to direct deposit, Telpay also allows you to make electronic payments to any supplier, individual, or organization in Canada, including government remittances.

Telpay for Business payment software enables you to pay your employees by direct deposit for as little as 15 cents per employee.

To learn more about Telpay, please visit or call Telpay's sales department at 1-800-665-0302 and ask about using Telpay with Easypay for payroll direct deposit.

Detailed help on using the direct deposit features of Easypay Payroll is available in the on-line Addendum that accompanies the Easypay software. After loading Easypay Payroll, select Help > Addendum > Contents > Direct Deposit.

Instructions for importing Easypay's direct deposit file into Telpay are available here:

Advanced Tracker Technologies Inc.

Automating the Entire Payroll Process

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Advanced Tracker specializes in automating the entire payroll process.

You can track employee attendance utilizing one of the following options:

  • bio-metric hand or finger punch
  • bar-code time punch
  • web based time punch
  • PC based time punch

The employee's hours worked are easily imported into Easypay Payroll to complete the payroll process. Employees can be paid by printing cheques or by direct deposit.

Advanced Tracker also automates many other important functions including: staff scheduling, time rounding and grace periods, lunch deductions, overtime, premium allocation, stat holiday pay, time entitlement banking, and time approvals.

For more information, please call Advanced Tracker at 888-531-3774 ext. 224, or visit

National Time Equipment Co. Ltd.

Time Recorders and Computerized Time Systems

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National Time Equipment can provide you with a time clock that interfaces directly into Easypay Payroll. One simple step and your time recorder will automatically generate timecards in Easypay. Eliminate all of the tedious calculating and reduce payroll errors.

If you have an interest in interfacing your time clock with Easypay, please contact National Time at 416-252-2293 or 1-888-499-TIME.