Easypay Patch 2.19.03

Release date: February 14, 2019

If you would like to post your employees' T4 slips online using Easystub, please read this guide...

A Quick Guide to Easystub T4 Slips

Download and installation instructions

  1. Close Easypay on your systems before installing this patch.
  2. Click this button to download the file ez21903.exe (8.5 MB):
  3. A window should pop up that gives you the option to Run, or Save, or Save File.

    If you see an option to Run, click that option and then follow the instructions on the Easypay Payroll installation window as they appear on your screen.


    If you only have the option to Save or Save File, click that option to download the file ez21903.exe to your computer and then do the following:

    1. Open the folder into which you downloaded the file ez21903.exe.
    2. Double click the file ez21903.exe.
    3. You should now see the Easypay Payroll installation window. Follow the instructions as they appear on your screen.

Patch 2.19.03 includes the following items:

  • New Easystub option to post T4 slips online.
  • Periodic > Record of Employment > Edit
    • Added Previous/Next scroll buttons to the ROE Edit window.
    • The ROE Settings window (click the '>>' button at the bottom of the ROE window) includes options to help speed up the process of creating a batch of ROEs.
  • Periodic > General Ledger > QuickBooks: Added a new export file date format: YYYY-MM-DD
  • Yearly > T4 > Discrepancy Report:
    • Fixed the report so that it checks the T4s for underpayment of CPP/QPP contributions.
    • Added a new column to the report for CPP/QPP pensionable earnings.
  • Reports > Statutory Holidays
    • Fixed an issue that might result in a typo in the 'To' year of the Year/Period range at the top of the report. This affected the statutory holiday reports of several provinces.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented the Manitoba report from being generated. A message is displayed: "Please note: This report only includes Manitoba employees...", but the report is not created.