A Quick Guide to Easystub T4 Slips


If you currently upload your paystubs to Easystub, the ability to upload T4 slips is automatically available to you.

If you are not currently using Easystub online pay stubs, please visit the Easystub page for more information.

If you are planning to post T4 slips online going forward, we recommend uploading T4 slips for at least your Active employees.

Your employees will see a New: T4 Slips link when they login to their Easystub account and will realize that they can now access their T4 slips online.

You may still need to print and mail the T4 slips for Terminated employees, unless you have a way of notifying those employees that their T4 is available online.

  • Active Employees will have access to their T4s for five years.
  • Terminated employees will have access to their T4s for two years.
  • Access to online pay stubs has been increased from one year to two years.


The cost for Easystub T4 slips is a flat fee of $5 per file upload, plus 50¢ per T4 slip (plus GST/HST). The fees will be included in the next payroll direct deposit file that you create after generating the Easystub T4 file. The fee details will be printed on the direct deposit register report.

Up-to-date web browser is recommended

Easystub T4 slips are compatible with recent versions of the most popular web browsers. Employees that use a very old version of a browser may experience issues with the HTML view and print options. If they are unable to upgrade their browser, they should use the PDF print and view options instead.

Review your employees' T4 slips

Before creating an Easystub T4 file, we recommend these steps:

  • Print preview your employees' T4 slips to check if they are correct and complete. To print preview the T4s, go to Yearly > T4 > Tax Form Print.
  • If you have not already done so, you may want to create the CRA T4 electronic XML file (using Yearly > T4 > CRA T4/T4A Electronic Filing). When you create a CRA T4 XML file, the T4 slips are validated based on the CRA's rules.

Do you want to exclude Terminated employees from Easystub T4?

If you want to print T4 slips for Terminated employees and create Easystub T4 slips for Active and On Leave employees only, please follow the steps below.

These steps will turn OFF the Easystub checkbox for terminated employees so that they are no longer included in Easystub. Then, when you run the Create Easystub T4 File step, it will skip the terminated employees and will only include employees that have the Easystub checkbox turned ON in their profile.

  1. Go to Edit > Employee > Update Utility.
  2. Turn OFF the Status checkboxes for Active and On Leave.
  3. Turn ON the Status checkbox for Terminated.
  4. Select the Item to be updated: Easystub.
  5. Turn OFF the Include employee in Easystub checkbox.
  6. Click Next and review the list of employees that is displayed to ensure that it only includes Terminated employees.
  7. When you are ready to update the employee file, click Save Changes to File.

Printing T4 slips for employees NOT in Easystub

If you want to print T4 slips for employees that are NOT included in Easystub, please follow these steps:

  1. Please be sure that you have downloaded and installed the latest Easypay patch.
  2. Go to Yearly > T4 > Tax Form Print.
  3. In the bottom half of the window, select To be given to employees.
  4. Turn ON the option to Skip employees that are included in Easystub. (This is a new option that is included in the latest Easypay patch.)

Creating an Easystub T4 file

  1. Please be sure that you have downloaded and installed the latest Easypay patch.
  2. A new option has been added to the Easypay menu: Yearly > T4 > Easystub T4 File > Create

  3. In the Create Easystub T4 File window, select the T4 slips that you want included in the Easystub file.
  4. When you are ready to create the file, click OK.

  5. After you click OK, the screen shown below will appear.
  6. Select Yes if you want to keep the file. Then select Yes again if you want to upload the file right away. If you are not ready to upload the file, you can upload later by selecting:
    Yearly > T4 > Easystub T4 File > Upload

Uploading an Easystub T4 file

The Easystub Upload window is almost identical to the one you use to upload pay slips each pay period. The main difference is that you are uploading a T4 Slip file instead of a Pay Stub file.

Your employees will be able to access their T4 slips as soon as the file is uploaded.

Printing T4 slips for Easystub employees

You always have the option print T4 slips using Easypay, even if those T4s have been uploaded to Easystub. To do so, please remember to turn OFF the Skip employees that are included in Easystub checkbox in the Print T4 Slips window (in Yearly > T4 > Print Tax Forms).