Online Pay Stubs and T4 Slips


Easystub is an optional feature that allows employees to view and download their pay stubs and T4 slips using the Internet.

  • Easystub is an optional feature.
  • Easy to use.
  • You can select which employees to include in Easystub.

Save Time, Money and Paper

Using Easystub can significantly reduce the expenses associated with distributing pay stubs, including: paper, printing, envelopes, postage and labour.


Easystub has processed millions of pay stubs since its introduction in 2009.


Easystub uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology and password protected access to ensure the security of employee payroll information.


Pay stubs can be viewed, printed, or saved as PDF files. Each pay stub can be accessed online for up to 2 years. T4 slips are available online for up to 5 years.

Comprehensive Pay Stubs

Easystub pay stubs include all the necessary information for the current pay period, plus year-to-date totals.

Pay stubs can be viewed in either HTML or PDF format. The PDF format also allows employees to save copies of their pay stubs on their own computer.

Option to include or exclude a variety of pay stub details, such as:

  • Vacation pay: earned in period, YTD
  • Vacation days entitled, taken, owed
  • Sicktime taken, earned, owed
  • YTD pay: regular, overtime
  • Banked hours/dollars: taken, owed

How It Works

Easystub is an optional feature that works in combination with Easypay Payroll.

When the Easystub feature is turned on in Easypay, an Easystub upload file is automatically created at the same time that the direct deposit payroll file is created. The Easystub file, which contains the employee pay stub information for the current payroll, is then uploaded by the payroll administrator to the Easystub web site.

In order to use the Easystub feature, your company must be using Easypay Payroll to create a direct deposit payroll file.

Easystub Pricing

There are no start-up costs or contracts to sign.

Easystub fees:

  • Pay stubs: flat fee of $5 per file upload, plus per pay stub
  • T4 slips: flat fee of $5 per file upload, plus 50¢ per T4 slip

For example, if you upload an Easystub file that contains 50 pay stubs, the cost would be $7.50, plus GST/HST.

The total fee is calculated when an Easystub file is created. The fee is automatically added as a separate payment to the direct deposit payroll file (under the name "Easystub") and is debited from the employer's bank account during the direct deposit process.

How to Register for Easystub

Easystub can be activated over the phone within a few minutes. To register for Easystub, please start up Easypay on your computer and call us at 1-800-270-0075.

Easystub Start-up Guide

For help with setting-up and using Easystub, please visit this page: Easystub Start-up Guide